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2013 May 21 - 14:24
Announce Enterprise Architecture Aris - Oracle BPA Enterprise Architect MDA & MDD Drupal This site


This site just went online and so, has not much content yet. The next articles to come will be about the topics this announce is tagged with. I actually did build this site because I wanted to write about these topics in the past, but could not decide on where to do so. The very next article however, might be about my recent experience with Drupal...

Meanwhile, you can get a first impression about the care I put in making your browsing experience efficient and comfortable. This site has been designed

  • to be lean: no whistles and bells, first place to content
  • to be functional: intuitive navigation and easy targeting of your interests
  • to be friendly and open: unregistered visitors can comment without necessarily filling in these too often unreadable captchas
  • to display nicely (well, I hope so) whatever your device, browser or operating system.
    This site has been tested on the latest releases of Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and Internet Explorer. As well as on Safari 5.0: the latest release available on non Apple systems.

So, if you experiment any trouble in browsing this site, or think about any point which could be improved, please - let me know. Don't forget then, to eventually specify you browsing context: brand & model if using a smartphone, browser & operating system if using a  tablet or a computer.

Thank you for visiting this site.


Jean-Eric Wysocki,

Please, consider leaving your name if posting a comment without registering. And if registering, consider using your real name too when filling in the username field.

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